Nuova Superchimica S.r.l. was born in 1992 from the acquisition of the historic company Fiorentina Superchimica S.n.c., founded in 1970, which was already dedicated in an artisanal way to the production of detergents and degreasers.

And this is how a unique product was born: the RESOL UNIVERSAL CLEANER .

Over time, thanks to this first great success, the range of products was expanded giving rise to a complete line for detergents under the RESOL brand.

Initially aimed almost exclusively at professional use, thanks to the new management and the strengthening of the production and sales network, the Resol finally becomes accessible to thousands of families and companies.

Nuova Superchimica S.r.l. produces, packages and distributes starting from the heart of Chianti, a few steps from the historic center of Florence, up to the homes of families, and to qualified operators in the most diverse sectors: from the mechanical sector to the commercial sector of large and small distribution centers, from industry to boating, from catering to hotels.

A line of professional products that has grown exclusively for its quality and effectiveness characteristics, promoted by those who, using it, recommend it to others.

The secret of the Resol lineā€¦ meticulous production to meet the needs of each individual!